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Growing up, my mom worked extremely hard in order to financially provide for my small family. Now that I’m an adult, I appreciate the long hours she worked at the factory so that she could afford to buy food and clothes for my sister and me. Unfortunately, due to my mom’s work schedule, my sister and I were forced to stay at relatives’ homes after school each day. Because we stayed at so many different people’s homes, our bus driver always got confused about the location he needed to drop us off at. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of leaving your kids at a safe daycare facility each day. Enjoy!

The Top After-School Child Care Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Program


What questions should you ask before you commit to an after-school child care program? If your young student needs extra care after the school day ends, take a look at what you need to know from the program's staff right now. 

Who Supervises the Children?

This question helps you to verify the quality of the program. Beyond the quality issue, the answer can increase your comfort level. Not only does your child need someone who can supervise and care for them in the after-school hours, but they also need a qualified instructor who can help them to learn and grow.

Before you choose a program, ask about the teacher or staff member's qualifications. Some after-school programs employ credentialed teachers, while others do not. At the very least, the program's staff members (who work directly with the children) should have an educational background or significant experience in an area such as child development or instruction and learning.

What Is the After-School Program's Schedule?

Will your child immediately go into homework mode, or will they get a break to rest and relax? Ask the program's director or administrator to outline the daily schedule. This may include a snack time, free play, outdoor play, academic activities, or homework help.

What Is the Sick Child Policy?

Like any other child, after-school programs should not allow sick children to attend. Ask about specific health restrictions or requirements, including fever-free time periods and specific symptoms/illnesses.

Along with when not to send your child, ask the director or administrator whether a child who is absent from school can attend after-school care. Some programs will not allow a child who misses school due to illness to attend after-school care.

Does the Program Extend School Day Activities?

How closely do the after-school staff members work with your child's regular teachers? If you want an academics-based program that will help your child to review grade-level material, make sure the staff members connect with the classroom teachers. This provides the after-school care staff with a way to tutor your child on current class topics and material.

What Types of Social Activities Are Available?

Academics are not the only focus of an after-school child care program. This less-formal learning environment also gives your child a chance to build new friendships and develop social skills. Ask questions about the quantity and types of social or group activities the children will regularly engage in. 


29 June 2020